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it does not differ from that seen in other degenerative diseases of the nervous
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the same morning, after himself performing the dis-
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visitations can be carried on for the future. From what has
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ounces — a six-months' child rarely exceeding two pounds: in the Scotch
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punctured, and a small quantity of a sanguinolent fluid escaped, having
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in place of Dr. Baird resigned owing to ill health. Dr. Tutill
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suggestive article on the duration of the actively infec-
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periodic determination of blood to the uterus takes place, as it occurs at each
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just stated. Its administration in enemas has been advocated in this
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with a hot pack following. One should begin with water at a tempera-
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bolized before going to the laundry, where it is washed
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per insepulta cadavera, seu jr;£.r antiqua sepidchra incaute apcrta^
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oscope, as that belongs to the urologist, the specialist in
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pathic code, is none of the simplest in its elements or mode of
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Haemoptysis occurs in so large a proportion of patients who die of
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drained the bladder, but also attempted to cure or improve the
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or an ounce of wine) to feeble, adult patients is in
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ha;mogIobin. thirty per cent. Symptoms of intestinal ob-
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continued to prescribe it, at intervals, throughout the whole course of
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sound. In all cases medical treatment should be tried before surgical.
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rie antiche e moderne apprezzamento delle medesime.
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Bacillus influcnzcB were those of Micrococcus catarrhalis, meningo-
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The reaction which takes place may be represented by the following
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with some hesitation. He is much inclined to sleep, has entirely
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Fo7'}7i of the Head dAiring Labour — TJie Moulding Head.
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manifests obvious prostration from the beginning ; the pulse is rapid and
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confessed, that one or two important points were overlooked, or not.
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ly. It is just tbe same with syphilis ; we know that at tbe presenl
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A product that answers these require- specify the brand — the brand of a reli-
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that there is no history of disease, you will not fall into the error
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materially by elimination. They say they do nothing but deplete, but
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of motion. This varies from 2 to 4 cms. in a longi-
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patient has recovered from the state of ansesthesia into which he has been
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| deductions— that it requires a bacillus or rod-
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to zero, so that you do not get any of those low voltage currents passing
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fore, for the patient to maintain a careful diet for the balance
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diluted mineral acids. The chlorides also destroy their offensive odor,
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" Other coloured men will soon graduate from medical colleges in