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This affection belongs among the diseases of children, and, for this reason,

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2 Dr. Joseph Leidy, Description of Remains of Extinct Mammalia, Journal

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It will thus be seen that since the introduction of

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two or three hours I applied forceps and delivered the child. There was no

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source of infection, but which should be carefully studied; pain in the

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Ulceration is manifested by the sensation of throbbing and

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servations and experiments, the efficacy of turpentine in

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Acid, Nitric, and Fuming Nitrous Acid. Put into an iron

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puncture. In the present instance, we did not consider

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Perry of West Palm Beach, FL, and Cynthia C. Jones of

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St. Clair Thomson (Laryngoscope, January, 1901), advances

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incomplete emptying of the heart, and if, finally, there is