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in a cachectic condition, which was discovered in England to

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personnel and the operation personnel were alike interested. The Instructions for

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dynamic changes in the circulation may be recorded.

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3. Exhibition of the histological changes in the skin in

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tism caused by noxious and irritating gases, violent exertion, overwork,

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October the flow became re-established without any pain, and con-

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diffuse, the discoloration is not uniform over all parts of the body, but com-

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This was about dark, and that night at the hospital there was

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A list of witnesses competent to give e.xpert evidence in all crim-

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Chicago Clin. Rev., 1892-3, i, 439. — Purviance (G.)

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tiavenously developed arthritis; one showed pericarditis

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294; 307; .320. . Contribution k V6tnde des troubles

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tension and edema is not static, but must be reevaluated as con-

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intimate connection with veins. Veins, however, are frequently second-

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Should any applicant profess a desire to practise ac-

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of the inyoiiia, which became elonnnted and efTectually tamponed the

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Singer' recommends the following treatment for acute nasal catarrh.

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surface, extending from the free border to the left end of the

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that the memory was seriously aSected, an emotional state

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eminences appear, fix your attention on them, and if you are in doubt as

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an overdose of potassium bromid, the case before us today is of very

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