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may be patches of a deeper color. Various shades of the above-de-
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turies, and the two Livingstones came, like other physicians of
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the colonies, or of such other universities as may be specially recognised
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that upon a thorough investigation of the relationship
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a dubious shake of the head, clearly indicating that the at-
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Baruch deserves grateful recognition for his efforts to
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already been done in general session by Dr. Alfred Carpenter, of Croydon ;
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in the sclerotic with a broad needle curved at an angle, close
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however, all the bad symptoms appeared — violent vom-
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Philadelphia, or to the subscriber at Albany. Either of whose receipts
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morphine again substituted. The result will of course be as
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be exceedingly valuable and were used in preference to the others. The vari-
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rash had begun to disappear, and the scarlatinal eruption became more
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the act of forced inspiration and (if the patient is lying down) in rotation
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support the powers of life, under the hope that sloughing and recovery may
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.\fter instruction under Professor Huxley he^ returned from
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hold steadfastly to the notion that catarrh is altogether a
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to walk without mechanical aid. He theu demonstrated
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ton and linen represent the opposite quality. Owing in part to the
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of an arduous medical practice, was Dr Cran of Tarland. A
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Hypertensive Crisis in Arteriosclerosis. — 1. Albuminuria
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1876.] Recent Progress in Treatment of Thoracic Diseases. 439
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with pathologic urobilin, which is due to the hemolysis of the red c<41s, may In-
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1886, 1 diag. — d'Espiiie (M.) Xotice 6liologique snr
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me a place among the admiring crowd of physicians and
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pages, with 395 engravings and 63 colored plates. Cloth, $6.50 ; leather,
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demands tlie pencil of a mafter : Such a pencil was that of Cur-
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it to the wants of the general profession and to give it a practical character,