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— and the Greek poet Alcma^on." Two species of pediculi are still

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still in the same degree of health, who can produce these casts on

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consisting of about twenty houses. As the inhabitants repaired

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coverable by examination, while the animal is in a state of

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October, 1912, complaining of weakness and a feeling of

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Lard and half an ounce of Sweet Oil, is beneficial.

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the sub-pleural connective tissue appears to be swollen and cedematous, and is

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swelling by the fact that the clothing is tight, and

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radiitis. Since the sutures and fontanelles of the skull remain open

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Case VIII. — In September, 1852, Mr. Jones excised the

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the first union and the fluidity of the protoplasm in Helkesimastix — and,

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6th. As a general rule, we may add that the contagiousness of yellow

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and to practical experimentation of its therapeutic value

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papillomatous in one part, weighed 2 11). Considerable fluid in the abdomen.

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bimanual examination it was found that the uterus was not enlarged.

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in three trials ; at the fourth, however, rotation failed and the head was

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This swab is rubbed well against the throat of the patient and then

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situation than they were wont formerly to hold, it is not yet past

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many and diversified, chiefly among which may be men-

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Notwithstanding these, it should be tried, provided he

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the state of immobility in which you have placed the limb, and apply

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has been scarcely questioned until Dr. Gull, and more lately

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proved its correctness was a series of observations made by Dr Lauder

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upon as a basis of our reasoning. But this would have been a

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uncomplicated, present a bad prognosis, and many of them are so

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Koran to memory; and it is added, further, that when he

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thus preventing the secretion from becoming dried vip and tenacious.

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changing her form of occupation she was much improved.

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covered pail through four thicknesses of sterilized cheesecloth and

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horses and cattle, 2 to 4 dr. For Jamaica Pepper, see Allspice.

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