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hypochondriac region near the midline. Either diarrhoea or constipation

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B) To counteract mechanism #2 (prevention of activa-

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portion of the left hemisphere, lower in the brain mass

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tribution a I'etude des fievres intertropicales. Arch. d. m. nav. 46, 1886, p. 81.

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respect to the effect upon the carbon in the system.

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Autopsy. — By Dr. Fitz. His diagnostic summing up is as follows : —

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In treating this case I started February 28th with eight drops of the

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glands, various heart abnormalities, and enlarged thymus. In lobar

average cost of olanzapine

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LaGarde, L. A. Remarks upon the comparative difference be-

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decidedly suspicious of hepatic abscess or empyema of the gall bladder

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1837 An Address by the President, Dr. Thomas Miner.

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6. That as nuisances, but not as causes of disease, they should

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was 40 per cent.; when 160 the mortality was 56.1 per cent.; w^hen 170

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pericarditis is especially grave owing to its frequent

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over the hepatic region, in connection with symptoms showing