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book as Rilliet, and since he gives a reference elsewhere to Barthez — Science de

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as to explain away the many contradictory statements that have

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three successful cases bv this method. — Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

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A twelve month before I saw her the nervous system began

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Complaint. — Numbness, stiffness, and coldness of hands.

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acyclovir in the suppression of frequent episodes of

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cases of pulmonary phthisis are to be conducted, it is possible to

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doubts whether it is vegetable or animal — a gonium; its origin and

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therefore be obtained only with difficulty, " humanised " vaccine, that

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air, impassioned rhetoric, controversy, and, hopefully,


signs, can scarcely be over-esti mated. The refinements of phys-

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thousand, against six thousand regular practitioners.

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Brit. Orthop. Soc, BirmiugU., 1896, i, 35. — Freiberg

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plegia in addition to acute mania. She is improving and may

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block of the bronchial tubes ; from disease of the lungs ; from mechanical

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organic valvular disease of the heart, in the third week of typhoid fever,

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because they inherited wealth or married rich wives is

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at puberty. She had little or no uGSirG for CCpufetiOK, and did

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of despair. This woman made the journey, sixty miles on horseback, on

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that the heavy doses of x-rays do not ultimately produce malignant skin altera-

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dues be held until the second session of the House of Dele-

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of a spray of one part of chlorid of adrenalin to 10,000

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Richardo Morton is here introduced (Pyretologia, Exercitat i, Cap. ix, Historia

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distress, gnawing sensations, burning in the stomach immediately or shortly

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inclined to extend its head back upon the pillow and at

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(1.) Chlorate of potash has, without doubt, a favourable

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bling, quivering, thrilling, cracked, discordant. I strive in vain

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Honorary Member of the Obstetrical Society of Edinburgh,

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Although the symptoms pointed strongly to appendicitis, the

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of the epileptic youth must be arranged to suit his

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