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as having attributes of special advantages of its own in the treat-

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reaction of degeneration to electrical testing. A tumour within the medulla

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C. N. Ellinwood, M. D., Physiology ; Adolph Barkan,

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We cannot help thinking that the introduction of doses into

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but he rotates himself by means of his arms on to his face. He now

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in a half-glass of cold water, were gfiven every two hours.

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Thiazides should also be used with caution in patients with impaired hepatic function or

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present he considers that the disease was due to the contamina-

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For the twenty-four hours immediately succeeding each operation, she

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" WuNuvEM " is requested to send his name and address. — Eds.

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desirable for the state to provide very liberally for the study of these

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the peritoneum by the bloodvessels, but in these cases the peritoneum

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calcium occur principally in acid urines, while indigo, urorubin, and

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membrane than a water, the reasons for such belief being

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time to time, but are not regarded as satisfactory, because

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drugs as potassium iodide, arsenic, and salicylic acid, wliicb

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period of at least five weeks, and to prolong this indefinitely if lesions