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North Camp residents oppose new Pizza Hut outlet

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Residents of Farnborough’s southern suburb, North Camp, aren’t happy. The village in Hampshire that is already brimming with restaurants and fast food outlets may have a new Pizza Hut offering collection and delivery service.

North Camp already hosts 20 takeaways, including three pizza joints, and the possible introduction of a fourth have got residents up in arms. Resident Alyson Fitzgerald said: “We do not need a Pizza Hut. I think there are more than enough takeaways in North Camp. We definitely do not need another one.”

Residents are concerned that another takeaway service in the area could create more waste for the village and are vehemently opposing the franchise setting up shop. One resident, Ben McKenzie, who is concerned for the village’s future said: “I remember when I was little we used to have a fruit and veg store and a supermarket. Now it’s just takeaway village.”

Diane Bracknell, representing the North Camp Matters Community Association, said: “I am sure it will increase the amount of litter. It is a concern for North Camp, it could possibly be detrimental. There is quite a lot of takeaway litter [at the moment], you do get rubbish around. You do see plastic containers strewn around.”

However, there are residents who are not opposed to the new Pizza Hut plans and feel that the introduction of one more company would not add to the litter count.

Resident Narvenka Noyce said: “I am not against it, litter is going to be anywhere. Another takeaway is not going to produce any more litter.”

Sue Hinton, who works on Alexandra Road, agrees: “I do not think it is a problem. I do not see how a pizza place is going to cause more litter. The pizzas are taken away. I do not see lots of litter in North Camp.”

Along with concerns of litter, residents are also wary of Pizza Hut being disruptive to the community as the store is scheduled to potentially stay open till 3 am on weekends.

Pizza Hut has defended its application stating that their arrival would create new jobs for the community. They have also assured the residents of North Camp of creating minimal litter, implementing litter cleaning processes, and being sensitive to the local community.

North Camp, the original Victorian town centre for Farnborough, is now a mix of civilian and military residents. The small community lives harmoniously and works towards beautifying and preserving the village. It boasts a range of major shopping centres and specialist shops along with a range of dining options.

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