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' Nasal Bacteria in Health : Xew York Medical Journal, July 27.

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in the following order: (1) Normal anatomy and physiology; (2)

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Pulmonary Diseases.— In the group of diseases of the lungs

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as the tensile strength of the newly formed tissue.

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and on biological features, failing to kill rabbits in six months,

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(Sidey), and on the eighth day (Troilliet), who even quotes

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Peroxide of hydrogen is certainly a valuable local agent. I

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secondary to the supposed abscess. This case was surgically treated by

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mitted to the central organs in the eneephalon by the nerves.

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from taint or odor. This law must be insisted upon,

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of " aspiration " is, in fact, stated in a single paragraph of the book

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3. By the use of cutaneous protein sensitization tests it is

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ficial layer of the superficial fascia over the lower

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ment. Pleasant and quiet surroundings. Rooms single or en suite. Private baths.

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" In the case of Smith, the homicidal impulses, which were so fierce

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region was considerably relieved by (lie exhibition of a terebinthinate followed by an

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tive metabolism. The kidneys first suffer functional

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the liver becomes greatly enlarged, with the occurrence of jaundice and ascites

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from infected houses ; with the manifest difficulties of caring for

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pressure will be five hundred volts, which may even cause electrocution