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helpless — theinmatcsof asylums and of prisons. Even the hospitals and
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which most respectable women are subject ; 4. because the women ex-
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Oct. 25th. — A boy, aged 16, was brought in with both his hands
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— with an ophthalmoscope ; because, unless he were acquainted with
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compression in various ways had given so much pain and inconvenience
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for the offices and appointments tenable by pupils. They are admitted
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rate hospital reports is not an evil, rather than a good. Unless disen-
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shelter, or medical comforts ; and he had been despatched instantly by
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acid, 9,309 lbs.; 50,300 morphia powders ; 58,310 packets of Dover's
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almost absolute perfection. There is a thoughtfulness and care which
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already enforced the logic of charity in war against cold reasoners who
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larged, we have retroversion ; if the anterior region, anteversion. I
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were treading on spring-boards. He said that, if he had to step over a
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Registered Medical Practitioners whose Degree or Licence in Medi-
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may be converted into sugar by mere contact, or by what, for the want of
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that the Secretaries of the Branches should attend regularly the meet-
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didates are required to write out Formula of Prescription. They are also
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further off w'e saw Prussian burying parties busily engaged interring the
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voting papers, over which there could be no control — it was done in
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late most prominently identified himself The theories of H.allier have
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I. General Trochii on the Principles of Military Hygiene. — 2. Pre-
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examination, made twelve hours after death, revealed very great disten-
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are apothecaries, and the last is interpreter. They are well provided
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Every Candidate for the College Licence (except when otherwise pro-
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or forty cases, varying in age from a few days to several years. I have no details
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is an error to represent it as often containing a considerable amount
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afterwards nariated, in the public prints, a horrible story, for which, when pressed,
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iie was not aware of a case in which it had disappeared. When Mr.
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course to without efiect, and no time was therefore lost in applymg
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tics. In a word, a well-educated medical man must emulate the versa-
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followed by a liberal downpouring of carbolic acid or some other dis-
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Fowler, William Ratcliffe, East Kirkby, Spllsby, Lincolnshire
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that for M.K., together with Government .Stamp liuly (;ilo.)
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leave with sufticient quickness, so that it is thereby held in the sac.
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tention of a portion of the secundines was most likely to take place in
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facile belief in, eveiy plausible theory that presents itself to your no-
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sometimes purging with febrile symptoms occurs." The treatment of
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and arm, and says it ceases as soon as the pus faids au outlet.
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infectant. Care should be taken that tliere is no leakage from the