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( Wiener Medizinische Presse, 8-19, 1870 ; SclimidCs JahrhUcher,
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you desire to know if the chorda tympani proceeds to the
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The changes consist in an atrophy of the glandular elements and then
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3. Those who are totall}' or almost totall\' blind, but who lost
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weathers, drank the water of the place, and often did hard
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scource, placing this doctrine on a firm foundation.
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subgroups, Ila, lid, and Ilh, showed the highest mortality.
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This registration act was merely a record or roster of tiiose who
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80 that after attempting its use for several days it was omitted. He resumed
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^ ' come the subject of discussion amongst prole stonal men ;
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Typhoid fever has been very prevalent in Zurich, a city
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than natural. In the retina there were three small yellowish masses
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practically all of which were considered as due to malaria. Schachnowitsch, 3
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— at least in the sense of being believed by those who make them — and
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away from the reach of children, distinctly labeled with the name
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centrated frequencies of the red region from a lamp of 2
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Contents of Minnesota Medicine copyrighted by Minnesota State Medical Association, 1949
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home in good health, but soon after sickened with the same dis-
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due to disease in the brain, as well as to other forms
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the writhings and twistings of the body, seemingly so expressive of
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104°, and then gradually fell. The pulse was about
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carefully, and add suddenly twice its volume of absolute alcohol. The albumen
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Dr. Van Santvoord thought sufficient stress had not been
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cle in which all the causes of failure have been studiously avoided; and they cannot fail to
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tated the development and subsequent wide dissemination
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drinks and medicines, even in this passive stage of the fever, have proved
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follows: A thin smear of the fresh feces or liver abscess
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lations, legislation, EPA publications and a search-
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maceration of the superficial layers of the mucosa, and these ulcers alsojnay
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in the condition of the heart are not to be explained by
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of very light construction, which passes across the lower part of the
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view here advanced, the theory of . training for athletic contests
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so r of ,\,^'""""^" '^'■"■" '^"^ P"l'"onary veins, and that both
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the left ear uppermost. When vertical projection was disturbed, that
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cessive absorption of its secretion are constant accompani-