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Leave of absence for twenty days, to commence about May

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1. On the Treatment of Wounds Inflicted with the "Toy Pistol."

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disease process, as shown by the lymph glands, was still active. The leucocytes

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■ Versphen" der Schw.angeren. Wien. med. Welinschr.,

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wax. These injections prove that the membranes of which the

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the Hospitals, and you will have achieved the first and most im-

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result of a miasmatic poisoning, sui generis, which acts at first

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of Crow and Northern Cheyenne Indians. Rocky Mt Med J 1974; 71 :577-583

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these affections are periodical in their recurrence, they are associated in

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only apply the low pecuniary fines established by the

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Dr. Kinnicutt's experience diftered from Dr. Smith's

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being seientific primarily, they have degenerated into social

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as possible. Second, proper glandular action to render the

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suture, coming gradually to convergence with the sagittal suture

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ferent in India and Europe. There is no doubt tliat the pilgrim

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of a 3-16 inch diameter elastic ligature about the cervix below

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far tlie most common type among the well-to-do classes

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sion, I am aware that any investigation that points

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studies, still life — in all of these he created masterpieces. In the field of genre alone he did not

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example, or of cloth felt, such as I have used during

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parativeh' fresh in the mind. The mental operations that depended upon the

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The following officers have been ordered : Assistant

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haemorrhage, I found another unbroken in a cavity in the

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pathy, secure his unpaid services, and behind hb back laugh at his stu-

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relatively slow growth of tumours, such as fibroids and ovarian cysts,

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nose on a child of three months, at Spring Valley, because of congenital deficiency

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Now, this case is most instructive and suggestive. Had it

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Again, " an impediment to the passage of the blood through

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left side of the abdomen. Something was felt to squeeze

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up the balance. Exercise is apt to increase appetite

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— 95. SoMMER. Arch. f. Psych, xv. p. 252. — 96. Stanley. Brit. Med. Journ. 1895. i.

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among diseases ; that is, some are primary, and others secondary.^ Pri-

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are epithelial cells in the lung, there is no conclusive evidence

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gradation of irregular globule-vendor, pellet-dispenser, and

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small doses, form the most valuable medicines. "Corrosi\e or es,

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had entirely recovered. The question may well be asked, What was

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•every three hours, until twenty grains are taken. Hydrastia, which is