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Far more rarely, and almost solely in the course of infectious maladies,

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saying : caseous degeneration of the intestinal follicles and mesenteric

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opment, we have, all of us, cooperated in solving the woman

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t Caolieri, G. E. Actinomycosis of the lung, pleura, and chest wall. Pacific

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appearance, has cavities in his lungs, which have heretofore escaped ob-

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Variolous and herpetic ulcers rarely cause much pain.

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indefinite that we are reduced to a blind empiricism. (We must not,

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there being any increase in the amount of the pericardial liquid.

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ductus choledochus, which, except the portio mtestinalis, is a somewhat

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itself being thickened and indurated, often enclosing large, fiat plates

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progressive deterioration. Before each experiment make a preliminary test with

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owe their reputation as universal remedies to the great frequency of

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rhage ensued, and the patient (who had not been ether-

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parts again became enlarged and very hard, although there was no fever. This

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hours with brief remissions, either ceases suddenly, the air rushing

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fasciculatis, rectis vel incurvis, sparse irregulariterque ramosis, in fragmenta

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past I have been experimenting with a view to devising a palliative

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creas, gall-bladder, and posterior wall of the abdomen, have been ob»

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as soon as he falls asleep again, Hence it is likely that the dyspnoea is

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seven very few spirilla were present. These authors refer to the fact that

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in what respects the two diseases differ. We have merely to add that

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if a regular and sufficient supply of nourishment is admin-

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especially if the lung remain capable of redistention, recovery may be

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Failure to recognize these different methods by which the body combats

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but in the smaller bronchi they form cylindrical plugs. Croupous

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which has been reported in the United States. There were 59 cases,

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hospital apparently quite* well on January 9. The rapid lessening of

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dyspnoea in bronchial catarrh. The term nervous asthma, however, is

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Vevay, as an " after-treatment," without, however, making any reduc-

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rose rapidly three days later, and on the 18th day of January, five days after

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the treatment of gastric and intestinal catarrh. Under the dream-

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drachms to half an ounce may be macerated in water, or made into

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the fever-germ was reproduced in the body, and might be

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latter case that we are able to recognize it with certainty. If, after an

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regarded as equally incurable, and were somewhat similarly treated.