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applied a salve to their faces, and caused it to break out,

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Death in New York Streets. — A census of the casualties

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discriminate. Theoretically it was fully justified, especially in

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tion of such other medicine or medicines, and when such treatment has-

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elements and of clear serum. There is at first an exudation

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air. By the addition of a sufficient quantity of lemon syrup, it fur-

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displacement and with paraplegia lasting for some weeks,

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under treatment. Sensibility and muscular force were begin-

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fatal effects are occasionally produced by the impaction of

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In 1890, in Brazil, Professor Terni, by advice of Professor

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the Vedic literature shows that to the North-western Provinces of India

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likeness of Our Lady with two angels, each having a lily in her hand,

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lar observations had been made previously. In some instances the points

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Other indications for stimulants may be stated as follows: —

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5th. To use interrupted sutures, and discard all pins or needles

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the future meetings will be published in the Gazette.

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tween the actions of the different poisons, since we almost always find,

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maternal uncle, but was removed from him in order that his brothers

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tuberculous arthritis of the elbow; finally pulmonary tuberculosis, and died.

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based upon differences as regards the anatomical characters at different

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be given in as small a quantity of fluid as possible, and a little synip oC

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ing layer, which is less dense, from the central stream where the

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fully occupied providing accommodation for the sick and

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Gallipoli, and had suffered from amoebic dysentery. He had

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elastic webbing. Walking with posterior splint for four

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was necessary to embrace the later results in patho-

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and pulse good. Has a semi-melancholic rather dull look, and

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Landsteiner, K., and Hadsmann, W. " Beobachtungen iiber des Fleckfiebe'r-virus,"

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oil ; and that they did better than any of the others.

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Listerine is extensively prescribed in doses of 10 drops to a teaspoon ful.

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