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lesions of the parietal lobes. It had been suggested that the

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papers were read (some by ladies), and on which discussions took

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of a pelvic tumor for more than fifteen months. {4) The

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Thorne Thorne the statement of Morcieca that in Malta

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Cloth. Pp. 383. Price, $2.50. Philadelphia: P. Blaklston's Son

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inclusive ; she suffered a recurrence in the twenty-first year of her dis-

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end of the radius, and the bones of the skull. These and

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Tlie treatment of intestinal obstruction due to any cause is necessarily

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by Dr. Fitz, the tumor was found to have recurred to a considerable extent.

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connected with the outer root of the olfactory tract, but others

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in a report of 10,000 births records 130 deaths, 26 of which were from puerperal

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Millhoff, First Lieutenant Clarence B., assistant surgeon, is re-

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cases of malignant growths, 290 of which occurred in

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500 cases with dysentery findings in 60% (Kartulis).

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the blood is continually being impoverished, it must be regenerated from

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of examination, since otherwise the examination will not always in-

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(taken with vinegar), hemlock, and mousebite; smoked (leaves?)

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extirpation, pancreatic fistula has been avoided, but in two cases cited

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Edinburgh from all causes during the ten years 1890- 1899

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acquire a majority of said board of medical supervisors.

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errors of older professors in the classification and nomencla-