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Wlien patients who have been recently labouring under an attack of

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active assistance is afforded by other members of the Society.

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epigastrium, or to check diarrhoea by clialk mixture and opiates ; you

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nidus favorable to the development of parasites, I do not doubt.

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High explosives have individual characteristics, and their utilization

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guaranty for my conclusion ; for, during a practice of more than

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I may now observe, that I have brought forward instances to prove

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the majority of case8,to make the incision over the

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the quina been used ; and again, that the giddiness which recurred on

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officers elected shall commence on January 1st, 1870.

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success, and thought it worthy of trial under the circumstances, then

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otorrhcea, and may not give rise to any urgent symptoms affecting the

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very brown and dry; bowels confined; pulse 100 ; respirations rather

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The dur^ion of the first attack did not exceed four or five days, after

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periods of meals. The space of time to which I limit the giving of

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activity. I do not pretend to offer any explanation of these facts ; I

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trend of thought has entirely changed as to the cause of typhoid fever.

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maintain that such is actually the case, or that when a man becomes

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vesiculse seminales, wliich it resembles in all its characters.

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remain in obscurity. Furthermore the accounts and figures of its

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called '' spreeing" ; and 3 are habitual inebriates. To ever}- 178 who

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lence of the epidemic cause, circumscribing its activity, and diminishing

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we frequently see a fish in an aquarium, or a squirrel in the wheel

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Dr. McGeorge has used Verat., Tartar, emet., and Arsen. with uni-

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Vulnerary, for by taking this Eflence Daily, from j.

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Fullnefs of Satisfactions, to the lUtmate of whatever Tou-

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and Stomach, Stitches and Pains of the Sides, opens

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Charles Bell, was the first to call attention to it. He remarks

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This condition continued from July till December, with little

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preparation and preservation of medicines ; and on his motion a

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the skin; drawing, lacerating pains in the right arm from the

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much relief, the exhibition of mercury so as to affect the mouth, anti-

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should do triage at all places but only by reference to his diagnosis tag.