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luminous rays are conducted and concentrated on the nervous

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possible. The lye kills the poison and lockjaw will not set in.

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number of papers may be read and a fuller discussion be given to each.

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described by G. Henry Lewes ("Physiology of Common Life") :

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two consecutive doses of 5 to 10 grains every seventh and eighth day for benign

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of the calcaneum ; and this is undoubtedly of considerable importance, especially

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in . ases ,.i deformed pelvis i^ certainly greater than where the

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board of health to stamp out the disease, but all efforts had

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the wound, and this is an important consideration in a medico-

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suddenly, and be most acute from the first, or be ushered in by incoherent

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The following formal contract was therefore signed May 19, 1893

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Regiment, has been appointed Surgeon to the 35th Regiment.

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basically agreed that he did have T-immunoblastic sarcoma,

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times, and with little interval until the close of the paroxyism, which

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place, and from posture to posture. At length, about the ensuing

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genuity he argued that similar conditions might be pro-

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there would be no doubt of the pregnancy being a twin

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moderate. Complete amaurosis is extremely rare. In the cases in whidi

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and so each case needs careful attention. From three to four

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Jr., says "... the intestinal juice of itself is capable of effecting the

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the expense of assembling physiciaiis who reside at a distance

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Prognosis. — Perfect cure is rare, but the severity and fre-

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of means persisted in long enough, will finally unite

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monly used : in a case which occurred at Guy's Hospital, nitric acid had been

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sionally even to twenty or thirty times the normal amount.

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yellow fever are carried away carefully and made to sting

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October, 1912, complaining of weakness and a feeling of

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come, however, to the application of principles, I may fairly be

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cases we might be deceived regarding the condition of this

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rhcea. Here, however, chronic ulceration of the bowels

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evidence of the defendant's good character, not only in

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the presence of other structural changes of the heart. By itself, it is

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tions made previously ("Acad, des sc," Nov. 28, 1887; Jan. 9 and 16,

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cases were formerly called lupus erythematosus that have since been

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