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other, and a passive shortening of the muscles occurs. The abdomen
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the exclusive diet, and the general health is often very poor.
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be a recurrence which may lead to fatal complications.
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up until the chair 'actually sticks to them when they get up and
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all. Within eleven years no less than six men of tliat
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corded by Schachmann.J Three persons attempted sui-
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the hospital March 28, 1916, with a diagnosis of syphilitic aortitis, dilatation
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The Value of Laparotomy in the Diagnosis and Treat-
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the lamina of the fifth and posterior upper edge of the
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these bodies according to their method (methylene blue dissolved in
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in the normal blood we find eosine granules in ilie
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/ ct. .■' v- : ft r-n.*4 fit* /' /f't't^^- *9?^> /ZtrznrC;, ^C f^JL* 'j&O-/* £.<<osC. ,
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streaked with blood. Febrile movement is more or less intense or it may
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equal that of the other coats of the artery. The fibrous thickening of the
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In our last Retrospect^ we noticed the very ingenious expe-
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typical cases. The most constant and significant symptoms are severe head-
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of the stools. Abnormal stools seemingly accompany every obstinate
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portant for us to have measurements of the foetal heads of difierent races.
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introduced. Accumulated filth, decomposing animal and vegetable
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Telegraph wine testing by telephone is the latest application of
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at the macula. The affection of the papilla varies between a mere slight
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salve, containing the extract of belladonna and the white precipitate of mercury
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that over-exercise should be carefully avoided in their training.
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oontinned obstruction of the urinary passage. Independently of the last
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tumor of about an inch in diameter; the isthmus and
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violent neuralgic pain distressed her from time to time, and only yielded to
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Bergounhioux speaks of a peasant who fell from a tree, sustaining a severe bruise
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brain-substance in any fluid discharged from the ear rendered
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condyle ; through the entire extent of this, too, the knife was
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has liberally availed himself. He accepts the broad
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all these difficulties the great mass of accumulated evidence estab-
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Did you look?" " Of course I did." " Well." answered
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belonging to it. Hour-glass or irregular contraction may also
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iks. The organisms find entmnce by thci respiratory
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possible, on the wounded spot itself. I have done all in niy
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circulation, or from copious discharges of urine, watery discharges from
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pathology, but one of the most important in clinical work. Surgeons
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full working order, and for many days this Hospital was the only place
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