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Staff, Colonel Pavlovitch, who from first to last gave the Mission his
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Professor Wright places on record the results of a series of examina-
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upon circumstances and upon the armamentarium one happens to
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In cases which can not be held by trusses, which are painful and give rise
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2 months ; severity, 3. [One sitting, with complete relief of wheeze
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a symptom of the endoarteritis of deep-seated vessels.
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been but little changed, and this was because therapeu-
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stops the flow of blood and saves the life of the patient.
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is far more grave, and the ordinary operation for empyema should be
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3d. The amount of corpuscles is decidedly increased.
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saud eight hundred and eighty deaths, out of five thousand five hundred and sixteen
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intraspinal injection of normal saline solution in poliomyelitis. As
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The indications to be taken from these are chiefly of a nega-
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seriously damaging the nutrition of the convoluted tubules, since the
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only to be learnt by practice. Lancereaux's otiginal papers were not easy
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pulmonary tuberculosis, etc. We cannot well conceive that the internal
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thirty-six hours from the beginning of the attack, show
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cloth collars of garments worn about the neck, to the lining of gloves
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tion with opium, partly to increase its efficacy, it is supposed, and
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made it necessary for those physicians who include all diseases of the
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tated just now, but I don't think there was any ground for it. You
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calculi may form in any part of the urinary tract. We may distinguish
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that she ought to be treated with leniency at certain
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every thing with it — at present at least. The skilled laparot-
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former. The effect of a gap in the secondary is much the same as before,
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lation with 9,(XK) anthrax bacilli (subcutaneous), Mar. 3, 10 a. m. Died in 50
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tare Ae bailu If, however, the skin grows hotter, and the
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bilateral, and even in the case of lesions which are not calculated to
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round cell with syphilis was to him doubtful, and that a bacillus
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of air between the concrete below and the joists above.
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movements cease after a time ; or again they sometimes persist to be a
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resigned. Dr. C. M. Daniels has been appointed Pro-
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started with the chemotherapy treatment right then. I could