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tween 40 and 60 years, 9— above 60 years, 7. Born iu the United States, 49 — Ireland, 14—

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Hemorrhage from the ureters may result from the passage of a calculus or

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pledge which I gave more than forty years ago, to the

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different conditions of physical and mental activity,

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■coneoiirs system for the Professorship, which was abolished

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is provided ; and to judge from the apathy hitherto displayed iu relation to it, we

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apt at getting a good view, he may, after correcting any

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became so extremely weak that his case appeai-ed to

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b|j)t grown hound dog. Action of heart, 100 per minute; respiration 50 per minnte ; ten*

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lectic schools of the present day are doing good work cannot be doubted.

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examinations, and in exposing fraudulent institutions.

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following lesions of the peripheral nerves. Weir Mitchell says that

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A. Give 10 grains of Salol four times a day, or 10 grains of

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the histological character of all the varieties is substantially the same.

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assert that of the two methods of approach, very much more definite

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to a subject not thus guarded against it. For it is well known that, as a

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Dr. Cruickshank read a paper on " The Differential Diagnosis of Ty-

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reasons for blood-letting, and given rise to long discussions as to

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the atmosphere of some place or places, if only they could be dis-

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lat.on, the negative result of which will be a certain sign of

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4. — Thorn cites the cases of Olshausen, Fritsch, and Seif-

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and are accompanied by great anxiety, excessive flatulency, and the evac-

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In the third place, the strong pulse, fever, and increased flow of blood in the

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independently of the differences which exist in allow-

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scrotum and groin. It had no connexion with the inguinal canal,

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places it seemed to be covered by pleura, and this appearance sug-

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gathered from the examination of 2,040 school children of

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how a bullet of this size could strike the femur without breaking

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electric conduction. If the affected nerve be superficial, or accessible to

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iodine will thus come in direct contact with its walls. Introduce now into the

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a medical opinion as to whether she had grounds for divorce. Titius had

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