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secretions. If these fail — if we must treat the symptom

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insane asylums. It is, in its later stages, absolutely in-

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the body, so that if we can attack the disease at its

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Cordier saw within a few months thirteen cases of infantile paralysis at

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of the arm. At first there was some anajsthesia about

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that it has been followed thus far by almost equally good

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puff or any paste preferred. Bake one and a half hours.

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•differs, however, as already stated, from that of the thyroid in never

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to medical men together with slips for distribution to their

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flow of blood from the hepatic veins. The obstruction is seated usually either

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Physiologia, published at Leipsic many years after his death. This is a

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that by reason of their medical knowledge, their intelligence, and knowing

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Dr. Leonard Webek said that he had not seen a case of

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exactly analogous to those found in the peripheral nerves in post-diph-

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A. Give 10 grains of Salol four times a day, or 10 grains of

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A drop or two to be introduced between the eyelids.

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signs of panic in certain parts of France, and the Parisians are

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posed Economy of Alcohol in Percolation, as applied to the Extracts and Fluid

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and it is gratifying alike to his friends and himself that a work

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depend upon alterations in the vaso-motor system, or in that still indeter-

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conclusions might be drawn from carefully conducted experiments, still the

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Ulcers in the membrane may simulate adhesions. Here the

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seriously at fault. Too much emphasis cannot be laid

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and all children died. In the second, conjugate diameter was

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tion is that it is about to disappear ; when, due to

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From these curves it is seen that the typical amboce[)tor curve

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are in typhus and typhoid fever. This is a negative point of distinction

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form for five and a half years. Under nasal treatment he

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furacin ointment ingredients

Attid. r. Accad. ined.-chir.diNapoli, 1896, n. s., 1. 104-107.—

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and edema of the legs. Dyspnea commonly makes its appearance