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the vomitus. This patient presented well marked white lines extending

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filters were used to ensure an active filtrate, since the tumor-producing agent is

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of information that was within the reach of these young

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ments. Oat of 275 cases admitted to the Eoper Hospital between the

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Dr. Bancroft very justly says : " TJie usefulness of an asylum is not measured

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dWuSeum anlf iLftrarj— The Anatomical Museum is open daily to the Students

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book on operative gynaecology, and I have no doubt it will be re-

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two hours, or the paroxysm recurs on the fourth da}'. As a rule, the parox-

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found that when recovery oocurs, the cure sometimes seems to be

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puncture. If future results bear out past experiences,

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To facilitate the application of the plaster-of-Paris

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5th. That the division of the urethra through the external parts should never

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the head, and insomnia. Dr. French then reported these facts to the Cum-

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hysterical convulsions and the so-called hystero-epileptic attacks, oc-

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so marked as to lead to the impression that the person

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ranged from 104 mm. to 125 mm. Hg. She had had several

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the psychic influence is low, little or no hopefulness, the

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Readers: Dr. Edward Cowles, "A Clinical Study of Melan-

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but feeble properties, so far as regards any permanent

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cancer, when the mortality statistics of the United

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organic kingdoms are in no sense opposed to each other. Each

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it persists for several days. I have on several occasions observed

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animals lower in the scale enjoyed the enviable privilege — the

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nitrate as prescribed by law. I contend that they carry infection into

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tention to the anatomiod features of the pelvic bones,

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Dr. Irwin's case did. The case was first diagnosed by me as a

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next of the series is a disquisition by Dr. Francis X. Dercum on " Rest,

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t> CO CO CO ^ 00 C4 CO O) ca th CO o) 00 CO csi c« ^ csi lo LO b- cq ^ tH • co 00 o) i«« 00 co 0> 'Oi

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cattle is now recognized as a form of tuberculosis. Poultry and

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very outset, the mortality in the worst would be slight.

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be a case of hemiatrophy associated with cerebral infantile

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and the names of the products, and the countries from

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