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increased humidity and the possibilities of malaria.
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In Diarrhoea and Flatulence of young children, continuing
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A paper on the "Treatment of Heterophorla ; Non-Surglcal Meas-
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which chiefly concerns physicians. Its subdivisions are the decigramme
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will be interesting to know how the rise in the blood pressure com-
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the American Medical Association, and was published
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teenth annual meeting in Boston, at the Massachusetts Institute
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made close to the inner side of the extensor longus. a
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of tonics, stimulants, and good diet restored his tone to a
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would seem to be more than accidental, and it suggests that the indi-
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In addition, Blue Shield has set up a Service Section for physicians to deal
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and who ascribe all consumption to tuberculosis, this ^ expectoration
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Mention the American Practitioner and News when writing to advertisert.
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abdominal tenderness. But the case was not unusually diffi-
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the patulous and passive os and cervix, thus accord-
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tial form is more apt to lead to permanent results as shown by
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I put him on the side, and attempted to feed with spoon, but the power of
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jectural, yet it must be admitted there is some evidence of
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which can be definitely covered with the tip of the finger. She
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Where there is equinus; (2) where there is a contrac-
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page plates. Lea Bros. & Co.. Philadelphia and New York.
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an overdose of potassium bromid, the case before us today is of very
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chiefly pericarditis) and aneurism of the heart, by which was then
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the last symptom to show improvement is the child's
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erted upon the neck, that is to say, the neck was sub-
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hM a g&aB of beer, and walked back. With regard to haemorrhage, he
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of the brain. The other cerebral arteries are often extensively
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