New York pizza delivery man fends off robbers

The 19-year-old delivery man worked for the Famous Famiglia Pizza outlet in New York

A 19-year-old pizza delivery man whose only been in the job a few months has been praised by his boss and the police for single handedly warding off two robbers.

Assami Semde was delivering pizzas for the Famous Famiglia 125 Pizza in East Harlem, New York when the attack happened. Semde, who is also an English student, was taking two pizzas to an address in a block of flats when two men in the hallway attempted to steal the pizzas.

The two men approached the pizza delivery man and told him to give the pizzas to them, when he refused, one of the two pulled out a gun.

Semde placed the two pizza boxes on the floor at gunpoint, but bravely managed to overcome the pair of thugs by knocking one of the two off his feet after he bent down to pick up one of the pizza boxes which they’d forced Semde to place on the floor.

The 19-year-old student got into a scuffle with the two robbers, when luckily security staff at the building on a routine check came across the fight and intervened. The two men attempted to flee the scene, but one was later caught and has been charged with attempted robbery.

Mr Greco who runs the pizza outlet in East Harlem says he’s very proud of his employee, but has warned him to give up the pizza next time instead of putting himself in harm’s way.

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