New Pizza Express app with “pay the bill” feature

The high street pizza restaurant chain, Pizza Express, has launched its very latest customer app which allows diners to pay for their meals via their mobile phones.

According to the promotional blurb from Pizza Express, the new application makes the experience of visiting one of their restaurants “easier and faster”.

The Pizza Express app allows customers to locate their nearest restaurant, view the menu, and also book a table at their chosen restaurant with just a few clicks. However the biggest selling point of the new application is the pay your bill feature which is likely to be a big hit with customers and Pizza Express staff alike.

When you dine at a Pizza Express restaurant, the bill will now have a code which you input into the app. The feature then directs you to a secure Pay Pal site where the customer can pay their food bill in less than a minute.

However if the restaurant you’re dining at happens to have bad reception, you may struggle to pay your bill this way. Luckily Pizza Express has spotted this flaw and is now planning to introduce free wireless Wi-Fi internet connections at all of their restaurants.

It is hoped the new app feature will help free up the waiting staff at Pizza Express restaurants, leaving more time for attending to customers and serving food. The app will also help minimise the time spent by diners waiting to catch the eye of a waiter or waitress in order to pay their bill at the end of their meal.

Given the obvious benefits of the innovative pay your bill feature, it’s likely other restaurants will follow suit and adopt a similar app for their eateries.

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