New Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter Guarantees The Perfect Slice

LAIt is a well-known and universal fact that family feuds break out over food. The last slice of pizza is always the catalyst for an all-encompassing weekend row at the family home.

With siblings accusing each other of having smaller slices than one another an invention needed to be introduced, leaving a more peaceful atmosphere amongst family get-togethers.

ThinkGeek have come up with the answer that will call truce on arguments of this sought.

They have made the most fantastic gadget, a laser-guided pizza cutter that ensures symmetry in regards to pizza portions. This catering accessory boasts its built-in Call II laser pointer which results in an easy to follow bright red line appearing across the pizza. The three and a half inch stainless steel blade then storms through the toppings and base to result in a perfect slice.

For an additional fee you can buy a built-in flashlight to keep your pizza cutting activities going even in a power cut, enabling you to see the pizza in complete darkness.

For all dedicated pizza enthusiasts, this is definitely the Christmas gift for you.

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