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Roberts, Ruthin ; Martha M. Stewart, Newry; James Munro, Stornoway ; ^Vm.

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This o-entleman had been examined by seven medical men, three of whom

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by the board of health itself and as set forth in its several annual

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another authority, "are not necessarily diseases, [f

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tive inoculation greatly reduces the mortality of quarter-ill.

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ing in cholera infantum or some zymotic disease) es-

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not present in sufficient quantities to neutralize the toxin. Schick advises

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sivelyt but alternately. Carb. Potass, may be administered in

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exposure, while with this strength and length of time these disin-

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being lifted onto a rolling litter and taken to an adjoin-

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is the price of a degree in Medicine in the Queen's Vniver-

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possibly have been due to the local pelvic inflammation. On

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attending these, the members of the profession will

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the duration of transitory glycosuria, and by imparting to

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Regional Park in Orange County, California— just south of

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~ the degenerative changes just named occurring especially in old age.

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age. If methicillin-resistant S aureus is present in the

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thesis; (2) luxury, idleness, and the abuse of alco-

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and pigment deposits in the choroid. The macula lutea is especially plainly visible.

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neutral, this cannot be done.* A formula is calculated for them which ex-

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ficiently clear indications for exploratory section.

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is really adrenalin, and brings forward some experimental work that seems

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months. They were approximately seven or eight months old.

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may themselves be overcome, and a toxin or ptomaine is formed which

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rectum. This together with lavage is often sufficient. If symptoms of

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Indian depot, and th;it, in point of fact, the contagious malady