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num in cinnamon or camphor water, repeated at proper intervals,

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one two-hundredth of a grain may be given three times a day after food,

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be remembered that the suppurative process is very exhaustive, and

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also in nephritis, gout, and syphilis. The diseases in which pleurisy is

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skin, or from the nose, stomach, and bowels, at times take place, and itch-

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from a trace to one-fourth per cent. At times it may be temporarily

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its bony surfaces. Destruction of the articulating surfaces marks the

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intestine ; for example, inflammation of the stomach and inflammation of

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In hysterical or neurasthenic pseudo- angina it is very important that

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the ulnar nerve to the fingers, which, as well as the arm, are perhaps

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different branches of the subject, and we may hope before long to

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small volume, of increased tension, and usually of diminished frequency.

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pathological if a person is a glutton or accustomed to highly seasoned

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urinary salts. Hyaline casts are made more conspicuous when stained,

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In advanced pneumonia, when cyanosis is very great and is accom-