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causative factors. Strlimpell has called renewed attention to the proba-
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or of strychnin, morphin, and atropin, are of value in controlling the
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the gastro-hepatic omentum, alDScesses, enlarged glands, or impacted calculi
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After the removal of the tape-worm — a weakening procedure, as a
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neuron. We must know the special memories disturbed: whether those
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of papular projections from its surface, and as these enlarge they become
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female genitalia. They have been mistaken also for ascites, which is
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Paralysis is sudden and generally be- Paralysis begins in the feet and rapidly
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urea. The mean specific gravity of a mixture of 1 part of urine and 7
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that are sometimes heard here. The pulmonic second sound is weak,
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sometimes the result of repeated attacks of acute bronchitis, it is oftener
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millimeter. There may be more or less leukocytosis, and sometimes
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mild grade); or there may be a displacement of the mitral segments in the
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ated waters. In cases characterized by occasional hematuria the Bock-
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eration, however, since it would be useless in embolism and thrombosis.
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according to certain observers. Moyer ^ reviews the literature, and in
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means of obviating disastrous consequences to the right ventricle in
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Open Operative Treatment of Fractures of the Patella, The. By
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The diagnosis rests on the acute onset, fever, nephritis, and
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the general practitioner or student. In these rtrlations it is probably the best of the recent
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leg progression). In course of time the power of walking may be lost.
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least approximately, the future of the case — the prognosis. Hav-
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human and scientific motives go hand in hand, humanity is doubly
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of the New York institution has already been demonstrated in a
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bed being hard, Arnica was exhibited. Though this modified the
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obstruction to the portal vessels or bile-ducts or of other evidences of
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Delirium tremens is distinguished by the history, by the restlessness,
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mesis, by a chocolate-colored appearance of the vomitus, the permanent
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severe pain in one or both arms and to neuralgic pains in the neck
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cure. Phillippo found that gurjun oil was serviceable, ulcers being
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the most careful hands. The good effects from washing out the stom-
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History. — This parasite belongs to the family of strong ylidce of the
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ever, is a constant feature. The stools may assume the form of a rib-
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apiol, salicylates — may cause deafness similar to the labyrinthine variety.
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