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Every infant should be accustomed to a cold bath by gradu-

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missed prednisone dose dog

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of the production of absorbent gauze. If gauze is to be ren-

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The second chapter, on the olfactory nerves and their function, is a good

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She experienced no pain until the muscle was taken up

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septic and the non-antiseptic methods ; he remarks, however, that erysipelas has

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you will turn if you desire a complete knowledge of the subject.

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l; A .M.C.(T.). With a Chapter on Trench Fever, by Major

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valve. No.3.542.<5; Dec. 14, 1886. . Tank- valve. No.

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she is niucli weaker, and has had frequent vomitings of blood,

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dress them with glycerine, alcohol, or disinfectants ; and (3) to

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on the recognition of the nature and cause of the inflammation

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whether this result is due to inefficiency of the preparations

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Art. V. — A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Women.