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muscles. There is however so far as can make out no
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Moses provided for the segregation of lepers arid the burning of
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filled to repletion with valuable papers. No one can read it without
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accompanied by definite photophobia and increased lacrimation.
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pus is evacuated and the resulting cavity heals by granulation.
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blood tetanus azoturia strychnine poisoning etc. It has been used
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cases as far as it went did not seem to confirm this view
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irregular contraction cannot be induced in metritis.
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From what has been said in the preceding paragraphs it follows
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instance a patient who consulted Dr. Cotton had a pulse too rapid
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existence. The necessity being acknowledged the question
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in this country. The honest physician who wishes to do his
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wise upon removing the membranes ramifying over the base of the brain and
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These reasons will I think also apply here and perhaps the
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why this occurred in some and not in others we did not know.
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habitual use of opium. Ho would inject hypodermically during
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borderline between the two classes of disease that a
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ses for any purpose always sufficiently great even in
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The following gentlemen were nominated to fill the vacancies on the Board
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faeces in epidemic dysentery large numbers of bacterium coli with proteus
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have a short walk and gradually take his accustomed food and work. For
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who have been anaemic for prolonged periods and where
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that none of them seem to go further than is warranted
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In table I we find in the first column the weight calculated with
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