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school as teacher, which she filled with credit for several

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bearance of Nature is wonderful." The statistics of this disease

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Bert sided with the women ; and Laboulaye, who wrote bravely

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tration and no hysteria. Her main work in life was to nurse

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pathological changes from the cadaver, but also that the phe-

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Medical and Surgical Society, Medical Society of the State of New

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that the gangrene of typhoid fever, hitherto looked upon as a fatal

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other States — Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Rhode Island,

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the Queen's Hospital, Birmingham, says on this point, "I have

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a thermometer, and equally true that seven in ten of the instru-

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LL.D. by the University of Maryland, in 1908, and that of Sc.D.

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Spasm in the Region of the Hypoglossal Nerve. Lingual Spasm . . 254

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Princeton, in 1870. Dr. Parker was consulting surgeon to the New

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April 12. — More feeble and prostrate ; mind more sluggish

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al the Atkinson Academy, N. H. He left schojl at eigh-

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If this gets into the daily papers, some of our "shoddy" tourists will perhaps