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Baden, where from 1870 to 1880 there was a yearly loss of 0-02

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treating peripheral nerve injuries continue to be a focus of

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"Pericardium normal. Heart small; surface ■gathered and marked by a

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it proper to perform the operation referred to rather than

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fixing an object impresses us with the idea that it is really farther away thij

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I could not quite understand myself, and you know how dry Worth

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to these pedunculated vesicles, others of a pyriform shape are

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indulging in too irritating and heating food, both solid and

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across + <^u^cere to lead.] The transversus pedis.

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of and admitted by one of his majesty's council, the judges

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current conceptions of transparency and opacity as well as

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mission, but take advantage of the period of remission for the purpose.

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of renal degeneration; the pressure of tumors, inflammatory exudates, the

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over the subclavian arteries : — sometimes present

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sensory centres are already developed at birth, but would seem

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first intention. On the contrary, the ordinary gunshot

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rejected. In tliis way he accounteil for the emaciation.

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tartar emetic, in the usual doses, till full vomiting takes place."

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votaries of the healing art widening and deepening their knowledge,

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next morning, the pain starting him again to whining, he was

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25 shoulder-joint amputations; 19 were immediate; 12 cured; 7

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organisms and toxines. It is therefore interesting to note the action of