Milton Keynes Dominos Driver Spits in Customer’s Food

Milton Keynes Dominos Driver Spits in Customer’s Food


When ordering a pizza from an established chain such as Dominos you expect a certain standard in regards to both food and customer service. However, for 23-year-old Stacey Baxter got more than she bargained for, left ‘utterly disgusted’ by the actions of her local Dominos delivery driver.

Having been given out-of-date dips and food that was discoloured and cold Stacey understandably complained, being promised a fresh order straight away. Expecting to be contacted by an apologetic driver her experience was far from positive, given nothing but abuse and bad customer service.


“When the replacement delivery arrived, we refused to return the dips because we had paid for them and wanted to take the issue up with their HR.

“The store manager then phoned again and started shouting at us saying we had stolen the food and that we had to return the fresh order immediately to the driver.

“When I refused, he said: ‘Okay whatever, enjoy your food because I spat in it’, then hung up.”

“I was in shock and couldn’t believe what we had just heard.”Stacey-Baxter (2)

Although taking images to record her experience with the pizza chain a Dominos official did offer some words of remorse.

Speaking on behalf of Domino’s Pizza Group, Helen Tosney-Collins said: “We would like to thank Ms Baxter for raising her concerns and giving us the opportunity to address them.

“We take food safety extremely seriously and have raised this matter urgently with the store. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up with the dips with a new team member who has now been re-trained on date management.

“The Store Manager has apologised for any miscommunication and assured us that under no circumstances was any threat made to Ms Baxter’s food.

“Customer satisfaction will always be highest priority to us and the team will be contacting Ms Baxter directly by way of apology.”

What would you do if faced with such a service? Leave your comments blow.

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