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not furnish a contagium capable of producing at once the disease in others.

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physic, is always introducing some novel delicacy for use in

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considered, a mode of proof, the noncontagionists will be victorious. In

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develop the work, since she deals only with the hygiene problems

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thirty minims of dilute acetic acid were injected on Novem-

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diffuse necrotic areas and the ammonia output of our animals never

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Prof. C. W. Chanckli.or states the need of higher educational standards

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anything. And very httle we know of the results of the

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My recent experience of the hypophosphites is not limited to the twelve cases

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of refraction, and it is a misfortune to be obliged to order glasses for a

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general remedies, or to common treatment. Mr Ware's prin-

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Scotoma is limitation of the field of vision. It may be

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there were also delegations from the New York Academy

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of shame, that neither in this country nor in Europe

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ganglia, the connexion of these various ganglia with each other,

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single writer, Mr. Henry Power, of London, and is extremely satisfactory. The

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Left ovaiy affected ; right not implicated. Wound brought

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condition is traced onwards to its connection with that remarkable form

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all severe cases. Gingival hemorrhages from swollen gums occur

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Hydronephrosis, The Archives Int. Med., 1915, 15* 239.

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often wanting in force and volume ; later it became

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tion. By its use, the trouble and pain of the opera-

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this country in support of the theory that cow-pox degenerates

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Kroiistailte v 1885 godu. [Epidemic of relapsing fever in

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extremely careful not to expose themselves to wet or cold :

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tube to continue the examination. The latter, being wider, gives,

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as in that of adults, the same ([uestion arises as re-

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