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the reconstruction represented in figure 3 indicates only the

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to the profession at large, as well as to the specialist in this department.

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alterations have been introduced, so as to render it in every respect on a level with the most

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standing being poised on both legs widely separated. The muscles of the

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y botones gustativos. La cuerda del tfmpano envia fibras a los

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« Vide Injuries of Nerves, by S. Weir Mitchell, M.D., 1873.

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ment, but, in the existing state of our knowledge, it is to be reckoned

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panied by so small an amount of lymph that the latter without careful

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with the longer axis of the cell. In view of the findings of

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corded in Frorlep's Notizen, Bd. XIT. p. 26, of a foetus " whose

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light on the pathology of fever, and might lead to some im-

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mouth of food or drinks, together with ptyalism, stiffness of the parts,

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case of rubeola in which the cutaneous efflorescence is not abundant, and

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esses, of which one m each case enters the 'ramus olfactorius

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tissue, and on the surface, the cutaneous layer of the scrotum,

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creased, and the extent of the fall of pressure appears to be at

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away his breath. A bright light, the reflection from a mirror or any

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consequence of its reappearance in certain districts of Pennsylvania, New

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reveal a considerable variety in the form of the ganghon cells.

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opportunity to make my acknowledgments to the two friends

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after convalescence. The delirium is in general marked in proportion to

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sist of frequently recurring or luiceasing movements of the parts afiected,

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The growth of the brain is probably less imder the influence of

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extremity, whether the defect which we observe be the result

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that one can undoubtedly deny the latter, declaring that the figures

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person to another, it is the opinion of this Convention that the personal

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vious to his coming under my observation, his general health had failed.

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fevers, a sudden and considerable rise of temperature renders probable

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Bicc.) of the N. masticatorius. From figure 22 and the above

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affected, the affection being generally manifested first in the lower extre-

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tives and tonics, the headache disappeared, together with the oedema, the

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direct communication with the vessels carrying red blood on the

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sense of existing ^sj^nptoms, and sometimes from a morbid desire to ex-

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trigeminal nerve fibers were severed centrally and peripherally

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slightest allusion to their possible connexion with the state of the spinal cord, but

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enlargement from synovial liquid is at first and for some time great;

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ago. I have never known it to prove a premonition of apoplex}^, paralysis^

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trating at a fixed rate, then in the smaller brain a slightly greater

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permoc. Wc are doubtful of the success of tliese changes.

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and also fills the 'axone cap' (figs. 3 and 4). There is no doubt

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pital, &c. In one v«ry h;i ndsome octavo volume of

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