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frequent eructations of gas ; constipation. Patient had

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adequate to bring about the condition of paresis or paralysis,

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trunks of nearly equal size issue from the liver at

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that concerns us the most at the present time, is the

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the following day. The patient was entirely without fever on Janu-

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interesting article on Dysmenorrhoea by G. C. Chapman, M.D., of Birmingham,

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of the node. It also spreads to the auriculoventricular node by paths,

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tation, rose continually without any eructation, and destroyed

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obtained by multiplying the current in amperes by the time in

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Ofiually applic,al)Ie to all men. Difference of temperament, of education, of

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of the development by infection of these tumors with-

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It is not interchangeable with other specific poisons. This statement

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not proof, however, that perforation had taken place, for

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ganglions, that they are unnecessary. Compound ganglion requires much more

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Kraske, or even to remove it entire transversely on the line of the third

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teacher and the inquirer. In respect of this part of our subject

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vesicle. The interior of the vesicle is subdivided by a network or reticulum

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of the epileptic youth must be arranged to suit his

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stumps, irregularly distributed, were all that remained in the upper

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pense in their use, as is the fault with many of the books

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Splints and bandage were not re-applied, but the patient was strictly

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vicinity where the epidemic cholera raged most ; and when it first

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3. In case that round worms are troublesome about Wormwood.

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stomach, cause ulceration of its mucous membrane, obstruct

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point of view the excess of urate of soda in the blood would be due to