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P. Bi«AKiSTON, Son & Co., of Philadelphia, announce a book on "Appendi-
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was reinforced by the achievements of Pasteur, Koch, and the other
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xxviii, 243-254. — Martin (C.) The struggle for the
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mation ; second, a tendency to multiformity of eruption in
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I would like to thank Dr. Dunn for his kind words, and for his
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There seems to be a steady growth along educational lines throughout
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vitis, phlyctenular keratitis have a marked association with ametropia.
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interfere with the development of the hair follicles.
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attacks are less likely to cease. After 1 6, however, treatment has a l)etter
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able: over 11,000 cases of gonorrhea actually reported
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1896, 374.— Thiroloi.n (J.) S6ro-diagnostic de la fi^ivie
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may be some inches removed from the surface; nothing can
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a record of surgical failures. Surg., Gynec. & Obst., 58:753-
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1839. Dr. Henry Bronson, on the Mental Qualifications necessary to
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and the black sputum, at once indicated to us that this condensation was
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college a paper entitled, " On Certain Painful Affections of the
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ment of a permanent national health authority, which shall have for its