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There was only a trivial error of refraction, and no glasses were
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respiration of the two lungs could be discovered, nor was there
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Their elements first appear in the glands, and do not pre-exist in the
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its unirritating nature, to meet the requirements, and
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Revue (La) de stomatologie. Paris, v. 7, 1900. 8°.
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passes through the linea alba, owing to the partial separation of the recti
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cotton and flimnel, and to the application twice daily of a solu-
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slight cleft between the buttocks but there is no sign of an anus. A
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country, whose dangerous doctrines, inculcating the most unjustilia-
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6. It is also understood and agreed that the buildings, such as stables, creamery,
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The second regular April meeting was called to order at 8:15 p.'m. by the presi-
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fundus, throws the whole sac into a series of folds,
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paralytics, that had died of pneumonia, he was able
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of the kind, and too often the students have become fre-
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Where the placenta is marginal and can the Champetier de Ribes bag. It has these
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festations are limited to the mucous membrane ; hence, another variety called
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Eeflex spasm is often produced in muscles in the neighbourhood of, or even
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and High Dutch, in the first and last of which he translated and
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compression of the abdominal aorta so as to stop the
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This practice of washing out the vagina in cases of foetid lochia is
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treating peripheral nerve injuries continue to be a focus of
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Third. — The time to spray and the number of applications
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of the unusual demand that is placed upon the circu-
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also noted in each of the following five cases: marked aneurismal
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when the foreman of the jury said : — " My Lord, I do not know what your
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gress of preventive medicine. (2) The disappearance
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subsided and in three weeks the child was apparently as
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to be that the proof of a correct interpretation is the patient's