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cinbr)'onal cells, which take the place of completely

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ascertain that the large mortality is due to deaths resulting

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The eye was enucleated without a general anaesthetic

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A few words will suffice respecting the diploma of licentiate of the Society

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Third Edition. Henry Frowde ; Hodder & Stoughton.

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carries with it, even if the patient recovers, the danger of

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8 cases and 5 deaths, from the sessile tumours, 10 of which

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are fully able to pay a fee with the statement that they are unable to

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gation ; and in it he states that during the eight mouths

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Thursdays, and Saturdays during the Term. There will be

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hollow visceral lesion, and the absence of symptoms of hemorrhage

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by Dr. J. M. Partridge, of Indiana, Chairman, which

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plete disajipearance of all symptoms of sefisis within

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New York 5, Chicago and Brooklyn 3 each, Philadelphia and

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it is justice due to ihis country, to say, that these institutions do ^reat

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better the less the quantity of tubercle. Another favorable circumstance

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studies in rats at doses up to 300 times the human dose, and in Dutch Belted

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degeneration of the posterior columns of the cord in cases of "eneral

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1895) or a bronchitis (von Diiring) is extremely rare.

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From this the inflammation spread to the pleura, giving rise at

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and there was no ataxia except on sudden turning. Six months have elapsed

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approach to an ideal condition, but in many cases it is all that

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latter are those plants which are found in shady nooks, water

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pertinent questions on syphilis by the various syphilographers.

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C.\SE III (Lee, 1880). — Synopsis. — Suppurative synovitis in ankle-joint of a scrofulous

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on either side. Abdominal reflexes present. Weakness of

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with formation of a narrow red areola around each vesicle. The process

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more especially in marshy situations, but its production is not confined

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the frequent cause of those horrible scalds, I which have troubled the minds of ordinary

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knee-joint, the hip being made neither better nor worse. Abcesses

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for which, three months before, she had been under treatment for about

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oner is received, an examination were made for the especial

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already been done in general session by Dr. Alfred Carpenter, of Croydon ;

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other cases of Diphtheria invading the larynx have fallen under my