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dissolved in turpentine. A drill-bow may be u^ed, or even
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never intended his evolution to go on until he should be-
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with good food, rest, aud pure air (especially if the cause be
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the much severer operation that is almost certain to be required,
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palpitation, when it occurs, is sympathetic, and is the result of
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the preparation by holding it between the thumb and forefinger and waving it
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tratus. His objections are thus stated: "Inasmuch as
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After etherizing the patient the dislocation was easily re-
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and removed, and the Hospital thoroughly cleansed, and for
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the first floor, it is sometimes possible to transfer
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symptoms of eye strain, appeared that a physician was
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or in the nodes located along the trachea and about the bifurca-
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peded circulation. It would be quite a thankful task to
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indication should compete with high forceps or version, instead
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As regards the dietary, of course individual idiosyncrasy is to be con-
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abscesses, collections of fluid in the chest, deposits in
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substance, present an appearance which has been compared to a sheaf of
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upwards, destroys the layer of bone separating the tympanic cavity from
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medicine occurred in Europe and virtually all formal
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It is an interesting fact that even when these cachectics are exposed
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promenade concert was given by the band of the Coldstream
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variety becoming merged in the diffuse pulmonary destruction.
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of the medulla oblongata and the pneumogastric nerves; or to
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exudate. If the eosinophiles in a differential count fall much below 8
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complete inhibition could be demonstrated only in dilutions up to 1 to
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ment in the general health and strength under circumstances the most unprom-
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a continuance of the tepid bathing, and great attention to cleanli-
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bearings definitely traced. There are others which, it
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the ileum separated and discharged ; recovery. By A. S. Bare, M. D.