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Melito Pizza Bar hits London’s Oxford Street

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The Melito Pizza Bar on Oxford Street offers pizza on the go at affordable prices

The new Melito Pizza Bar in London is going down a storm according to recent reviews. Situated just behind Top Shop in the heart of London’s high street shopping district, Oxford Street, Melito is providing a haven for weary shoppers with its wide range of tasty pizzas and Italian wines.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a leisurely lunch with your pals, or just a quick bite to eat, Melito Pizza Bar offers something to suit every kind of diner. There’s the option to grab a slice of pizza on the go, or to sit in and enjoy a glass of chilled prosecco and a selection of pizza slices, or for those visiting for a mid morning snack there’s fresh coffee and delicious pastries on offer.

Being in the middle of central London, you’d expect an eatery in this area to command high prices for their food, however Melito offers two slices of pizza to take away for the affordable rate of just £3.50, that’s cheaper than your average fast food meal.

Quality is key to the success of Melito Pizza Bar. All pizzas are freshly made on the premises and baked in clay ovens. Even the tomato base sauce is freshly prepared by chefs at the restaurant using well sourced ingredients. There’s also an imaginative range of pizza toppings on offer including pizzas with rosemary and red onion, tuna and red pepper, and fennel and parma ham for those pizzas lovers who fancy a change from their usual pepperoni.

So next time you find yourself starving on Oxford Street, check out the latest Pizza Bar which is fast becoming the talk of the town.

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