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may be filled outside the ward and wheeled to the bedside, which seems
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many of these have apparently not been very reliable. Recently a very
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complicated cases they rarely reach 10,000 per cmm., and 4,000 to 5,000
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the individual the improper mating of his progenitors has
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DaCosta, Longstreth, Meigs, and others, the death-rate was 4 per cent.^
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Diagnostic Value. — While the Widal reaction is almost always foimd at
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such knowledge. He can only learn it by the experience of
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have lasted from fifteen to thirty days there is oedema and thickening of the
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ing the cold, damp months of spring and autumn. The writer'^ has shown
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in various parts of the country, relative to life insurance risks,
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If the specimen is perfectly clear, and forms no sediment on
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cartilages or infection of the surrounding tissues. There may be peri-
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injection. Tuberculin is used in veterinary medicine solely
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processes must be guarded against. Improper feeding, undue exertion,
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sick, who, upon examination, showed a few healed pocks. In one such
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the most dependent portions of the lungs. If true pneumonia is present the
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able to suppose that the same is the case for human
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External Appearance. — This varies greatly with the day of the disease
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Bacilluria does not necessarily cause any symptoms unless cystitis occurs.
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children, the most common causes for temporary albuminuria
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Bryant, 11 per cent, to 17 per cent.; Sahli, 20 per cent.;
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but gives good results when followed on a large scale; the periods of three
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three months, a little blood is drawn and the serum tested to determine the
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experience of the Stin Life of Canada, in that the American
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and the disease was permitted to become firmly established before its
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have in the years just, mentioned contracted diphtheria, but they had not
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used when it is a part of the disease treated. It would be well for the critics
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multiply, but to keep up the struggle for existence under quite unfavorable
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many cases. A weakened cardiac power, a leakage of the
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has prevailed that it is derived from the Greek word xoAcpa, an eave-trough.