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Treatment— rest in bed. Discharged relieved, Feb. 16, 1866.

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hopeless and destructive. Unless a previous evamination

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is a model for future bills for hospital observation in criminal

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always able to make a differentiation that is satisfactory from the clinical

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ing and evening, for a month : his thirst vanished,

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This points to the fact that the lysin is an ampholyte and lends additional

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attacked, accompanied by sloughing and suppuration in the mucous

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Dr. E. H. Tweedy said the specimen illustrated the difficulty

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' discontinuation of administration and that it was not enhanced by long-

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cough mixture of Paregoric, Hyoscyamus and Wild Cherry Bark, directed

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the nervous complaints due to this genital affection,

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perfectly ceased — strong presumptive evidence, con-

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its duration depends upon the activity with which treatment is carried

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abscess arising from disease of the ear. Usually the blood disease was

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ago surviving traces of this dignity were very recogniz-

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proper position by this method. The chances seem against the

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bounded by a flexible, chitinous periplast. The nucleus consists of

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surgeon to be careful in bringing all the threads out of the

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the urine was loaded with urates, but contained no albumin,

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prison infirmary or certified Hospital would be required each

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to depend on this position for evidence of rib subluxations,

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interests, as chairman of the London Hospital, made an in-

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the disease was not for a long time understood, and it was

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Professor J. Berry Haycraft, I St Andrew's Place, Cardiff",

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cells were round, or long oval ; occasionally they were very

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fluid not diff'use itself freely, gently massage of the part may

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and the sudden development of the affection. I have been consulted in

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tract of adult animals without being thus absorbed. Reasoning in the