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PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY. By N. Senn, M.D. Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of
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molecules and of the ions. The osmotic pressure of a 0.5 per cent, solution of
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wear flannel next to the skin is very important in cardiac disease, as such
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was so much blue that they were almost worthless for
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variola took place in the entire army during | of 2308 non- vaccinated, 894 died. Of 2087
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water f. fiv, dose, 3iv, every one-half hour. At the same time
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when it does occur it is probably to be explained by
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gust. At this stage the wrist drop had disappeared, with
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four to sixteen. Other experiments have also proved that venous
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form of poliomyelitis. Certainly it is closely allied to it. Twelve
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indication of active measures and either the cool bath,
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Gutting | cover with printed title) from: .T. Path. &
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through the influence of American sanitary officers, is well in the
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sensory nerves, but also in regard to changes in that part
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alkalies, diuretics, and nourishing but easily digested food, are to
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1. Those at the base of the neck, the occipital group.
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of fat and partly of thymus structure. The left pleura was
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ferent, but are equally positive, if a careful examination
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Text-Fig. 1. The tumors in four fowls receiving intramuscular injections of
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years, for which he was in the habit of being bled, this man, in conse-
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ceps of which the bite has a plain curve on each side are adapted
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ization rates are shown in Fig. 4, grouped by size of town.
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is always a symptorn to be investigated with all possi-
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very little ; knee reflex normal. Previous history good ; had measles,
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an island from which there is no escape. Since 1866, 2000 cases have
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hand on the abdomen, the other carried the nozzle of a
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surgery. Several years ago a pharmaceutical firm approached me
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tempt to get the child to walk. Head is in incoordinate move-
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ffebra also counts that form of eruption as an eczema, which is usually
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)raltar for many years,'^ although the cause of the fever was not known
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tubercular origin. At one time too little importance was
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these microbian products is shown by the fact that the subcu-
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Let only the one who is to use the sponges remove them