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or reactivity of the disease. In the diagnosis of early

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A. Many cases may be benefited by strengthening the heart

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their effort to clear themselves they become solidly packed

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by the family doctor, a man of sagacity and ripe experience.

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"influenza" epidemic of 1883, judging by description, were probably

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M. de la Tourette's article : " We hope that public exhibitions

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my views, in the future, I will not be ashamed to tell you so.

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is usually found attached, sometimes in vast numbers. In its

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hesion and final " drawing out " of these adhesions.

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precipitated with hydrochloric acid and iodide of mercury. This

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passed a round biliary calculus as large as 'a pigeon's egg. There were no

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In the course of a number of experiments with this cell the

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tinguishable from one another, the distinctive sounds, feeble

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spoonful of the powder should be stirred up with six spoonsful of cold

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ganglia. If the eyes are strained by overwork, the resistance

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fendant's behalf and that practically no defence was

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and two more before she was able to sit up a moment ;

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treatment, and survive and are safe ; but still they have the