Matt Damon bribes Pizza Express staff with kisses and signed photos

Hungry Matt Damon gets Pizza Express restaurant to cook his favourite pizza despite being closed

Hollywood actor Matt Damon turned on the charm earlier this month by offering kisses to Pizza Express staff in exchange for food.

The American actor is currently in London filming new movie, Hereafter, directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood.

The street where filming was taking place had been closed down for the day so the crew could shoot without being interrupted. However this spelled bad news for starving Matt Damon as all the restaurants and fast food outlets were closed for business for the entire day.

Not one to take defeat lying down, the Hollywood star decided to try and use his celebrity status to wangle his favourite pizza from staff at the local Pizza Express restaurant.

Damon begged staff to cook him an American Hot pizza topped with pepperoni and jalepenos to ease his hunger pains. The fast food employees obviously took pity on the ravenous actor and agreed to cook up his favourite pizza, in exchange for kisses all round for the female staff, and also a clutch of signed photographs.

One onlooker who witnessed the scene described Mat Damon’s behaviour as “outrageous” adding that he “wouldn’t take no for an answer” as he was starving after starting filming at 7:30am that morning.

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