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Man drives 1,400 miles for the love of pizza

August 16, 2011 by Ian  
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A man in the US has shown the world just how much he loves pizza after he completed a 1,400 trip just so he could stock up on his favourite pizza.

David Schuler lives in Mississippi but grew up in Stoughton, near Boston which is home to Town Spa Pizza. The pizzas served up at this family run eatery are ranked so highly by Mr Schuler and his family that every time they visit the area to see relatives, they have a competition to see who can take the most pizzas back home to Mississippi.

The family have been carting their favourite pizzas back from the Town Spa Pizza in Stoughton for so long, that they’ve now got the technique down to a fine art. Taking back cooked pizza or frozen in a cool bag left them soggy, and so David has now come up with an elaborate method to ensure his beloved pizzas arrive back in Mississippi in perfect nick.

Pizza lover David now holds the record amongst his family for transporting back the most pizzas from Stoughton to Mississippi when he recently underwent the 1,400 mile trip with 150 pizzas stowed in his luggage. David asked for the pizzeria to half cook the pizzas before vacuum packing each one individually and storing each one in a cool back in its own compartment. This method ensures the much loved pizzas arrive at their final destination in perfect condition and ready for the oven.

Upon his next visit, David Schuler is hoping to top his previous record by bringing back 200 pizzas.

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