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Man devises way to build 1m tower of free Pizza Hut salad

January 13, 2012 by Tony  
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An engineer from China has created a design which will ensure maximum results from a one-bowl-one-visit to the free salad bar at a Pizza Hut restaurant.

Shen Hongui came up with the plan after Pizza Hut imposed a limit on the number of visits diners could make to their salad bar in their restaurants in China. Following Shen’s instructions, diners are able to construct a 1 metre high tower of free salad, ensuring they make the most out of their single visit to the salad buffet.

The engineer recommends building a sturdy foundation for your salad tower with the use of potatoes or chickpeas, then using carrot batons as scaffolding to construct the tower shape and an outer wall of cucumber. The tower will then be hollow to allow the diner to fill it up with their own choices.

A British newspaper has reported that Pizza Hut restaurants in China started pulling their salad bars after the Shen tower of salad started to gain popularity amongst diners who were attempting to pile their bowls with a metre of salad at a time.

There were concerns that the 1 metre salad towers would lead to food wastage as most diners would fail to finish their mountains of free salad, leaving much of the salad to be left uneaten.

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